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Quinoa pizza



& 100% Guilt-free

Quinoa pizza has fast become my favourite week-night dinner.

quinoa pizza

It’s just so tasty!

Monday to Friday I try my best to eat well. I love to experiment with healthy alternatives and this quinoa pizza base is right up my street. Adapted from Deliciously Ella, this recipe is easy to follow and once cooked, utterly yummy.

quinoa pizza

Feeling greedy (and also worried I’d mess one up!), I cooked three pizzas for two people but one pizza each is definitely plenty. Most recipes advice soaking the quinoa in a large bowl of water for eight hours or more but due to little planning I only soaked it for two.

For one 8-inch pizza base:

  • 3/4 cup quinoa
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon oregano
  • 1 teaspoon chilli flakes
  • Pinch of salt


  • Tomato Puree
  • Red Onion
  • Sweetcorn
  • Spinach
  • Tomatos
  • Asparagus
  • Black Olives
  • Olive Oil

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees, chop up any veg and place in a roasting tray. Drizzle with olive oil and add salt and pepper. Put in the oven for 35-45 minutes.

Drain the quinoa from any remaining water and pour into a food processor. Add apple cider vinegar, herbs, chilli flakes and salt and blend for several minutes until a dough-like consistency forms. Grease the bottom of your cake tins with olive oil and spoon out the mixture evenly, covering every inch of the tin. Bake for 15-20 mins.

Once cooked, coat each pizza base with tomato puree, pile on the roasted veg and any other toppings you would like. Black olives and spinach are my go-tos here! This time around I was catering for dairy-free but I would absolutely recommend adding some cheesy mozzarella goodness too.

Return the quinoa pizza to the oven for several minutes for extra crispiness. Once removed, chop into pizza triangles and dive straight in!

quinoa pizza

Has anyone else tried quinoa pizza?

What do you think?




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white dungarees

white dungarees

white dungarees

superga shoes

Dunagrees: Boohoo on Asos// Tee: Topshop// Shoes: Superga// Sunnies: Asos

It was tiring, disappointing and even a little sweaty at times

But I finally found them

And I don’t think I’ll ever take them off.

I have been searching for the perfect pair of dungarees for ages.

I don’t know about you but when it comes to jeans I think there are lots of things to consider. Mom-style or super skinny? Ankle grazers or wide leg? Busted knees or office appropriate?

…there are just so many options!

Unlike your average pair of jeans, dungarees don’t seem to offer different lengths, so when you’re 5ft 2 finding a pair you like that fit nicely but don’t trail behind you for metres on end is all a little bit tricky.

However, these white Boohoo Denim Dungarees were a very pleasant surprise. I don’t usually browse Boohoo so when I stumbled across this pair on Asos I thought I would give them a go! Made in slightly stretchy denim so there is no “cling” around the middle – a problem I have encountered with many other pairs – I was happy out and about all day and night wearing these. And what’s great is that they only need a little roll up at the ankle  – I’ll live with that.

I think I might have to order them in black too….(link here)

Happy Sunday, have a lovely week! xxxx 

Monochrome Stripes


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Monochrome style Monochrome style

monochrome style selfieShoes: Asos // Shorts: Zara // Top: River Island // Bag: & Other Stories

Are any other Londoners finding it hard to know what to wear this week? It’s very wet, very grey and very very hot.

Come on sunshine, it’s the middle of July!

With fun weekend plans to look forward too, I’m hoping for bright days ahead – fingers crossed!




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Denim inspirationimageDenim inspiration

Denim inspirationDenim inspirationDenim inspirationDenim inspiration{All images stolen from Pinterest}

I’ve got a slight crush on denim at the moment. Scouring Pinterest for style inspiration is always fun so I thought I would share today’s favourite finds.

P.s Where can I get that Moschino crop top from?

(completely obsessed)




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Adidas Trainers

Adidas trainers

adidas trainers

adidas trainers

One of my many pet hates is matching outfits. Unless you happen to be under the age of 7 or off to a fancy dress party. Just as you are unlikely to find me sporting sandals and socks, a bumbag or velour tracksuit, you are even more unlikely to see me out and about (intentionally) wearing the same something as one of my friends.

But when you fall in love with shoes that are half price (and yellow !!!) you know you would forever regret leaving them behind. Gabs and I both locked eyes on these Adidas kicks and seeing as she’s off around the world for 6 months, we thought that just this once we could enjoy twinning.

But Just this once.

Adidas element refine tricot shoes available here and 50% off. I’ve been living in them since Friday and I think I might even bag myself a second pair – any objections to orange?

Happy Wednesday!




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senor ceviche

While I was away a couple of weekends ago, I sadly missed out on a few days of fun to celebrate my great friend Tori’s 23rd birthday.

To make up for my absence, I planned a little treat for her.

Senor Ceviche

(^The beautiful birthday girl)

Just off of Carnaby Street, in the very charming and (as of late) buzzy Kingly Court, Señor Ceviche has recently opened.

Offering a variety of Peruvian tapas-sized dishes, the menu is perfect for those who like to share!

Senor Ceviche

And luckily, we do!

We ordered a variety of ceviches and sides.

senor ceviche

And we couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

We decided on 3 ceviches: sea bream and octopus, salmon and sea bream.

Senor ceviche, Kingly Court

Senor Ceviche, Kingly Court

And several sides.


senor ceviche


Senor Ceviche

And the crispiest tastiest sweet potato fries topped with a spicy kick!

Senor Ceviche

(I might not have been so keen on sharing those!)

A haven for foodies.

Señor Ceviche is different, reasonably priced and utterly delicious.

A big many happy’s to the birthday girl & a happy Sunday to the rest of you!




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Polka dot blouse, ripped jeans

Polka dot blouse, ripped jeans Polka dot blouse, ripped jeans Polka dot blouse, ripped jeans

Beanie: Aldo //Blouse: Thai Market //Jeans: Asos //Shoes: Asos

I do love a good hat.

But this is probably the last beanie I’ll be wearing for a while as us Londoner’s prepare for a steamy July!

When you wake up late with a serious case of bed-head and have minutes before you need to be heading out the door, a hat is my must-have accessory. I guess I’ll have to be on the look out for a summertime appropriate hat – any ideas?

Happy 1st of July!




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Camden, Blues Kitchen, brunch

It was a typical Sunday.

After a night out at Covent Garden’s Top Secret Comedy Club (if you’re up for a good laugh, I can’t recommend it enough), I hurled myself out of my bed to begin a Sunday morning just the way I like to:


The Blues Kitchen

 On Camden High Street is The Blues Kitchen, a live music venue and restaurant offering deliciously exciting American soul food.

With no reservation option on a Sunday, we turned up with three rumbling bellies and were pleasantly surprised to be seated straight away.

The Blues Kitchen, Brunch, Camden

Dim lighting, soft upbeat music and industrial decor made for the perfect Sunday morning chilled-out vibe.

Over tea, juice and coffee that comes served with hot milk in a small quirky glass bottle, we pondered the menu.

We settled on two Huevos Rancheros and the American Breakfast.

On lightly fried crispy corn tortillas comes two fried eggs topped with chorizo, beans, cheese and salsa, with a pot of perfect guacamole.

The Blues Kitchen, Brunch, Camden

^Feast your eyes on that!

It was so good I was upset when it was over.

The Blues Kitchen, Brunch, Camden

The American Breakfast was an absolute corker.

Buttermilk pancakes, eggs, bacon, beans, potatoes and toast, it lacked nothing.

The Blues Kitchen, Brunch, Camden

It was huge!

So we all dived in.

The Blues Kitchen, Brunch, Camden

Open late every night, The Blues Kitchen hosts DJs and live rhythm & blues music seven nights a week. Have a look here for all its exciting music events over the summer.

Definitely a must-visit, whether opting for brunch, lunch, dinner or just a drink and a dance, I am positive you won’t leave hungry or disappointed.

And if East London’s more convenient, The Blues Kitchen has more recently found home in Shoreditch, address here.

Where have you been brunch-ing this weekend?




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Pinterest Picture {Image stolen from Pinterest}

Packing for a festival is a gruelling task.

You might not happily abandon your wireless hair straightener or totally-tent-practical full length mirror but trust me, you would rather that then have to trek mountains of bags through the queue and to the campsite.

And lets be honest, half of your backpacks contents will be disregarded after night number one as you ease into that oh so hippy festival vibe.

But what to bring?

Four nights away at Gottwood Festival last week (rewind to here) and I’ve sussed, albeit a little late, some worthy tips when it comes to festival fashion essentials.

After a scour online, I know what I will be packing on my next venture into the woods!


        Topshop yellow jumper   monochrome topshop striped topdemin jacket asos  Asos faux fur gilet with star detailasos mac


jumpsuit river island Topshop khaki playsuitasos dungarees dungarees denim pretty little thing


choker asos topshop feather earrings  asos oval ringsbandana headscarf asostassel backpack festival fashion long socks asos

Happy hump day! 




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Gottwood Festival

Last weekend we headed to Gottwood Festival in Anglesey, Wales

Gottwood Festival

Hidden in the depths of the Welsh woods, amidst a sea of magical bright fairy lights is Gottwood; a boutique electronic and arts music festival that has just celebrated its sixth year

gottwood festival

gottwood festival

For four nights, we – along with 4,000 other happy campers – were excited to be lost in an area of outstanding beauty, a dreamworld secluded from all else

gottwood festival

We pulled out our favourite festival styles

Festival fashionFestival Fashion, dungareesFestival fashion, pineapples

festival fashion, friends

And sprinkled glitter, everywhere!

Festival fashion, glitter

festival fashion, glitter

Festival Fashion, glitter, friends

We lay out till sunset

gottwood festival

And danced till sunrise

Gottwood Festival

Revelling in the magical atmosphere

festival fashion, friends

A super special festival, Gottwood; we’ll see you next year!

Heading to a festival this summer? Check back on Wednesday for a peek at my favourite festival pieces – can I begin buying a year ahead?



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